Tasting Notes Reflect Each Wine’s Distinctive Character

The Vintage

Vintage is a major factor in a wine’s character.  Sometimes a year shows a personality that is highly defined and sometimes with only a shade of difference from other vintages. The nuances of the season are responsible for putting their indelible stamp on each year’s harvest.  In the end however, different vintages should express themselves and at Cricket Hill we strive to give each vintage its own voice.

The Place

Place is often called by the French word “terroir.”   It denotes the special character that geography, geology and climate bestow upon a vineyard but in France it also includes the influence bestowed by the winemaker.  Place is expressed in the mouthfeel of the wine; it is the combination of power and finesse, structure and texture.  These are highly sought characteristics of the land and are especially defined in single vineyard wines  such as those created by employing grapes sourced solely from Cricket Hill’s Estate Vineyard.

The Winemaking

Complementing both is the essential human element: the attitude, skill and individual attention every aspect of the winemaking contributes to the character of the wine and to achieving the vision of our founders.

To further augment our winemaker’s tasting notes we’ve happily included some ideas by our resident chef.  Suggestions we hope will be especially useful to point the direction toward attractive food pairings for each wine.


Non-Vintage Wine Tasting Notes

2007 Available Wines Tasting Notes 

2009 Available Wines Tasting Notes


Owners Duane & Kathy Bowman

We sincerely hope you enjoy drinking these wines as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them for you.